Bubble Recipe

2 T baking Soda

½ C Cornstarch

12 C Water

1 C Dawn Original*

2T Glycerin** (OR top secret ingredient)

Stir cornstarch into a slurry with 1 cup water. Once all liquefied, add all remaining ingredients.  Let sit overnight at room temperature before using.  As long as it is kept at room temperature and kept covered to prevent evaporation, it will last a long time!  Mixture will be cloudy at first, but will clear over time.  If some cornstarch settles on the bottom, that’s ok, no need to re-incorporate it.


*Dawn original (not ultra) is the best, the Great Value Brand also works well.


**Glycerin can be found in the first aid section at the grocery or drug store.


***Parents only: Top Secret Ingredient: 1 3oz tube of personal lubricant.  You can make your own call about if you want to have that conversation with your kiddos, but I promise it makes REALLY good bubbles ;)